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A Gift of Speech

Summer Articulation NO PREP for ALL sounds worksheets and crafts

Summer Articulation NO PREP for ALL sounds worksheets and crafts

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It is time for Summer fun with this no prep articulation activities bundle. This bundle includes later developing sounds, early developing sounds, multisyllabic words (3 syllables), and blends (s-blends, l-blends, and r-blends in production). These print and go summer articulation worksheets were created to address ALL sounds. This no prep printable resource includes 4 practice pages per speech sound and position (2 coloring pages and 2 craft pages per sound and position). There are also 40 multisyllabic words (3 syllables).

Your students will love the coloring and craft activities, while you will love being able to address multiple sounds in a group. Take some of the stress out of addressing your speech goals. Great to send home for practice!


  • Early developing sounds in initial, medial, and final positions: b, p, m, n, t, d, k, and g. W and h in the initial position. (122 pages)
  • Later developing articulation sounds: F, V, L, R (prevocalic and vocalic), S, Z, SH, CH, & TH (125 pages)
  • S-blends, L-blends, and R-blends (72 pages)
  • Multisyllabic words - includes 40 - 3 syllable words (16 pages)
  • This summer no-prep activity includes 4 different printables for each sound and position
  • Print and go with 2 color practice printables and 2 crafts per sound and position
  • Each sound has 10+ targets for each position.

I created this as an easy-to-use and FUNctional speech therapy activity for your students and clients. Just print and go with this articulation activity for early developing sounds and multisyllabic words. Take back your time with this NO PREP activity!

Shannon Archer, M.S, CCC-SLP

A school-based and private practice SLP (yep I wear many hats like you) who creates activities to give you A Gift of Speech through FUNctional, research-based, and time-saving speech and language activities!

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