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Pragmatic Language for Inferencing and Perspective Taking Not Bad Behavior 2

Pragmatic Language for Inferencing and Perspective Taking Not Bad Behavior 2

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Behaviors are not simply bad or good, they often depend on the situation. This pragmatic language activity was created to work on inferencing, feelings, and perspective taking. This is a multi-activity set to support pragmatic language skills for upper elementary students. There are minimal prep and no-prep inferencing activities for a group as well as individual instruction.

This social language activity includes:

- 30 social scenarios cards for discussion and inferencing about whether a behavior is expected or unexpected in the situation. Because behaviors are not necessarily bad or good, but can depend on the situation.

- 32 Whats happening cards for inferencing and using context clues each picture card has a social scene along with questions. 1. Describe what is happening. 2. What are clues in the picture that show you what might be happening? 3. What are 2 things that might happen next?

- 16 Whats happening cards 2 Inferencing Why? Start the discussion about why the action might have taken place.

 Each Whats Happening playing card has a number on it. To put some competition in the game, add the numbers on the cards. The player with the most points wins!

- Whats Happening Game Board. Students can color and play in small groups or in larger groups. There are questions on the board to facilitate discussion regarding feelings and making inferences.

- 2 Find your way through social situation mazes. Follow the maze, color, and practice social inferencing skills.

-14 pages to color and answer questions about social situations. This is a minimal/no prep activity to work on pragmatic language skills. The pictures are the same as the Whats Happening Cards.

What other SLPs are saying:

My students were engaged and enjoyed this activity.

This was very easy to use the item. I was able to easily adapt it to my younger students. Thanks!

I really like the different activities that come with the product. My students love the maze activities. I wish there were more mazes! Overall great product!

Created by: Shannon Archer, M.S, CCC-SLP

A school-based and private practice SLP (wearing many hats like you) who creates activities to give you A Gift of Speech through FUNctional, research-based, and time-saving speech and language activities!

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