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A Gift of Speech

Pet Themed NO PREP Language Printables Categories, synonyms, antonyms, & more

Pet Themed NO PREP Language Printables Categories, synonyms, antonyms, & more

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Whether you love pets that meow, bark, or swim, you will love these NO PREP language activities. The print and go pet shop language activity was created to work on categories, synonyms, antonyms, and comparison. These speech and language therapy activities were created to address 2 levels: early elementary and later as well as readers and pre/non-readers). These activities are NO PREP. Your kiddos will love all the cute pets, you will love all the activities to keep them engaged and on target!

Pet Themed Language Activities:

Pages 3: Catnap time color and name the group / category

Pages 4: Back in their aquarium category cut and color

Pages 5: Pets and more group / category naming

Pages 6: Who has Paws? Name members of each group.

Pages 7: Archer Kennel Club Category Maze

Pages 8: Pet finder the same

Pages 9: Pet finder different

Page 10: Archer Kennel Club Synonyms Match Up

Page 11: Archer Kennel Club Antonyms Crossword

Page 12: Archer Kennel Club Comparison

Page 13: Archer Kennel Club Compare: Same

Page 14: Archer Kennel Club Compare: Different

Page 15: Archer Kennel Club Comparison

Page 16-17: Archer Kennel Club synonyms and antonyms board game (color and black and white)

What other SLPs are saying:

I downloaded and used it immediately. Very motivating. Great resource.

I love animals so this goes great with my pets theme!

A fun way to continue working on these skills as many of my students love animals!

Created by: Shannon Archer, M.S, CCC-SLP

A school-based and private practice SLP (wearing many hats like you) who creates activities to give you A Gift of Speech through FUNctional, research-based, and time-saving speech and language activities

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