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A Gift of Speech

Language BUNDLE for Life Skills for Moderate to Severe Activities for the year!

Language BUNDLE for Life Skills for Moderate to Severe Activities for the year!

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GROWING LIFE SKILLS and LANGUAGE VOCABULARY DEVELOPMENT BUNDLE: This receptive and expressive language and vocabulary BUNDLE was developed to support communication development for individuals with moderate to severe communication deficits. These Life Skills units include activities to work on vocabulary development, categorization, verbs and expanding utterances, prepositions, functions and features, WH questions and more. This is perfect for speech therapy and language development in special education settings and Life Skills. This language development bundle includes at least 5 activities per unit.

The language bundle will include 10 or more thematic units. PURCHASE now as the bundle price will GO UP with the addition of each unit. It was designed to be used by SLPs and Special Education Teachers for group and individual work. 

The units can be used to work on vocabulary, the function of items, features, categorization, answering questions, asking questions, social behaviors, group interaction, and more. It is designed for all age levels.

Activities have been designed with either multiple levels and/or can intrinsically be modified for the level of the individual student. The activities are made with minimal visual distractions and real-life pictures when possible.

While I originally designed these for my work with my students in moderate to severe classrooms, I found it to be perfect for my students with mild to moderate impairments to support vocabulary and language growth through thematic units.


Some of the Upcoming Units:

Around the Home

Animals & Habitats

Community Outings

Self Care

Food & Health


Travel & World

and a bonus theme for ESY

Each unit will include at least 5 Activities tailored to the theme. These are some of the activities that will be included:

Vocabulary Cards

2 Games: such as Bingo, I haveWho Has?, matching, or Go Fish

2 Digital Activities: 'wh' questions, expected versus unexpected behaviors, and more

Book or further reading activities

Inspiration for these activities... A portion of my caseload has always been students with autism or with a variety of moderate to severe developmental disabilities. I had a variety of different resources that I used, but I felt there was a lack of cohesion in my lessons. I pulled a bit from here and a bit from there. After much research and planning, I designed these thematic units to build stronger language skills for my students. They were created to be flexible for a variety of goals and skill levels. My groups typically have a mix of verbal, minimally verbal, and some non-verbal students that use alternative communication. After creating these activities I found myself pulling form the resources for my students with mild to moderate impairments. Due to the design of the activities, I found them to be perfect across my varies age levels and severity levels.

These activities have increased the effectiveness of my group and individual sessions. I no longer worry that I will be able to be effective in meeting the variety of goals and needs of my students. I have all the activities I need per month in a folder and digital that I can easily carry across sites! I hope that you find these activities as helpful as I have!

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Created by: Shannon Archer, M.S, CCC-SLP

A school-based and private practice SLP (wearing many hats like you) who creates activities to give you A Gift of Speech through FUNctional, research-based, and time-saving speech and language activities!

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