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Apraxia CVCV & CVCVCV Bundle for building utterances Speech Therapy Activities

Apraxia CVCV & CVCVCV Bundle for building utterances Speech Therapy Activities

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Apraxia expanding utterances BUNDLE includes CVCV & CVCVCV, feelings, locations, k/g, s-blends, and l-blends. Get all three of the apraxia Keep Talking and expanding utterances products. Apraxia Keep Talking was created to help with building utterances (MLU) and as a general speech therapy activity. This is just the tool you need for working with individuals with apraxia, articulation disorders, or expressive language disorders. This activity combines a subject, verb, article/preposition, and object to create phrases and sentences.

As an SLP specializing in Childhood Apraxia of Speech, I designed this for my clients and students building from single-word to multi-word utterances. I found that many of my students and clients who had expressive language delays due to articulation, phonological, or apraxia also struggled with grammatical endings. Thus Keep Talking was developed!

 This is an articulation and apraxia speech therapy tool to support expanding thelength of utterances. You can start with "bunny", "a bunny", "see a bunny", "I see a bunny", and then to "The girls saw the bunny".

The subjects include pronouns and basic subjects. The verbs include present, present progressive, past, and future tenses (look for more verbs coming soon). There is a set of articles and alternative words (prepositions and some prepositions with articles).

The Keep Talking 1 comes with 23 cvcv words, 40 multisyllabic words (CVCVCV and CVCVCVCV), 38 plural multisyllabic words, and 16 trochee words.

The Keep Talking 2 comes with new subjects, additional verbs, and l-blends and s-blends targets.

Keep Talking 3 includes: 1) being verbs, visit, read, go, and fly in present, present progressive, past, and future tenses, 2) articles & 16 feeling words (prepositions and some prepositions with articles), 3) Objects including American landmarks, US States (for work on multisyllabic words), 30 k words (initial, medial, final), and 30 g words (initial, medial, final).

 The parts of speech are color-coded (modified Fitzgerald key) for additional cueing. Also included are blank color-coded cards so that you can make your own words. I use this system with the created object cards as well as mass-produced articulation card sets. There are full color and find and color activities to add some fun.

Expanding the length of utterance: You can start with "bunny", "a bunny", "see a bunny", "I see a bunny", and then to "The girls saw the bunny".

To put together:

Cut the subject, verb, article/preposition, and blend cards. Laminate the cards for more stability. Combine the parts of speech and bind them with a circle clip or binder. I like to use circle clips, so I can change out the card sets. See for examples of how to use this product and pictures of the finished product.

Check out Keep Talking in action on this video

Also included in the product are "find it pages" that can be used as a prompt for the utterances. There are black and white and full-color pages.

What other SLPs are saying:

A good resource for building longer sentences for my speech clients

Great resource!!

 I am so thankful for this resource. It is extremely useful in targeting goals with my students.

Created by: Shannon Archer, M.S, CCC-SLP

A school-based and private practice SLP (wearing many hats like you) who creates activities to give you A Gift of Speech through FUNctional, research-based, and time-saving speech and language activities.  

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