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A Gift of Speech

Apraxia & Articulation CVCV and CVCVCV Flashcards

Apraxia & Articulation CVCV and CVCVCV Flashcards

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Our Apraxia & Articulation flashcards includes CVCV, CVCVCV, and CVCVCVCV words. These flashcards were designed to support your therapy plans for children with motor speech disorders such as Childhood Apraxia of Speech and articulation. Includes our prompting/cueing hierarchy for ways to support acquisition.

 Included Targets:





 Choose 7-10 words to target with the individual. Incorporate a Motor Speech approach using chosen targets.

These apraxia and articulation flashcards were designed with the word and syllable support as well as a backward chaining model. The spelling for the backward chaining cards is designed to support correct production, giving models for syllables as they sound (phonetic/phonemic spelling) not just as they are spelled.

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What other SLPs are saying:

Resource was easy to implement in therapy. Useful as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool.

This resource has helped me provide visual cues for multisyllabic words. Thanks!

 great resource to level my students using the different sets of pictures

 Created by: Shannon Archer, M.S, CCC-SLP

A school-based and private practice SLP (wearing many hats like you) who creates activities to give you A Gift of Speech through FUNctional, research-based, and time-saving speech and language activities

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